What is a solid poker win rate

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Hey Red Chip Forum. I'm Looking to switch from MTT's to Cash in the coming month. I have played a fair amount of cash games in the past, but never really took the time look at win rates or setup a solid foundation for moving up in stakes.

The Truth About Win Rates | How to Maximize Your Multi Table Hourly ... If you are barely squeezing out a 1 or 2 bb win-rate playing 4 tables or less, then you are better off sticking to a very low number of tables while you continue learning and improving. Expected ROI / Win Rate for Heads Up Poker Players Summary of Expected ROI/Win Rate in Poker Knowing what a solid ROI or winrate is gives you the opportunity to compare and see how you're doing. You'll see if you're on the right path to poker success or if you need to put in some more effort on the studying end of things. Live Winrates at 1/2, 2/5, 5/10 — Red Chip Poker Forum $2/$5 similar to $1/2 win rate of (7bb-12bb) ($35-$60/hr) $2/5 is a much more aggressive game so taking variance a bit further than $1/$2 since those games are passive 4-10 buyins should be a relatively common swing ($2000-$5,000).

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5 Mental Mistakes That Kill Your Poker Win Rate | Poker Mental mistakes in poker are golf's three-putts; they destroy your win rate. Here's how to stop making the mental mistakes that keep you from beating poker. Win Rate - Cash Games - CardsChat

Win Rates in Poker. Definition of win rate in poker: a winrate is most simply defined as the rate of money you win at the tables. This is shown as bb/100 which means how many big blinds you win per 100 hands. A quick example of this would be: This means you win $4 every 100 hands you play.

Introduction to Win Rates - MicroGrinder Poker School Moreover, your win rate is the metric in which you can judge your long-term success as a poker player and determine how much you can expect to make off playing poker over a long period of time. Commonly Used Win Rates. In online poker, you win rate is usually expressed in bb/100, which is … The poker stats which really matter at 2NL (case study)

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Sep 20, 2018 · Using the example above with a win rate of 2.5 per 100 hands, a standard deviation of 100 BB per 100 hands, and a risk of ruin of 0.05 we get: BR = [ln(0.05) * 100 * 100] / [(-2 * 2.5)] = [(-2.9957)(100)(100)] / [(-2 * 2.5)] = 5991. and which matches the minimum bankroll given in the example. Beating the Regs - The Only Guide You Need | BlackRain79